Shoprite - Valid from 2020/02/21 until 2020/03/08

Low prices you can trust always - that is Shoprite’s promise to its millions of customers! You just need to look at the deals on this page to see that it’s true. Just click on the specials you want to look at, and you’ll see how you can slash your food budget and save, save save!


From humble beginning over 40 years ago, Shoprite has grown to Africa’s largest food retailer with over 500 outlets and 22 million shoppers! Shoprite not only supply communities with a variety of food products, but also household goods and small appliances.

Far from standing still, Shoprite keeps on offering their customers more and more. At the Money Market services, you can pay accounts, send money, buy bus tickets and even buy insurance. The new MediRite Pharmacy is also already available in some stores, bringing over the counter and prescription medication to the community at the best prices.

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