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suitable for screen sizes 8cm-178cm skyworth 4k android digital • 3-year guarantee save r30 ellies save r1000 save r20 ellies universal bracket bamewms07-44f • 10-year warranty also available skyworth 55" digital led tv available in selected stores save r200 deposit r3b0 total payable r7101 at 20.5 int tv licence no set-top box required required androidtv available in selected stores hi guller tv licence required on haupt hd ready led tv mhs-39 • 2-year guarantee ultra hdr hd 10+ built-in usb wi-fi hami ready usb hami exclusive hisense total payable r8059 hd ready digital led tv • 4-year guarantee save r300 deposit r500 total payable 9543 hisense full hd digital led tv • 4-year guarantee tv licence tv licence required required buy any hisense smart tv and get 3 months of showmax or 1 month showmax pro included on us no set-top box required no set-top box required hd dog full do ready usb hdmi dolby usb dolby hdmi hisense euroboro showmax usb r1199 soundbar usb save r50 mplify fm tuner radio am-3350-bk save r100 deposit r50 r39 x 30 months total payable r1157 at 20.5% volkano bazooka speaker save r300 jvc 2.1-channel deposit r120 & subwoofer total payable r3215 at 205 int bluetooth volkano оминут usb bluetooth bluetooth usb save r200 telefunken 5.1-channel r2799 tallboy home deposit r290 theatre at 20.5% int • 2100w bluetooth save r300 deposit r370 total payable r6964 at 20.5% hisense 2.1-channel cd mini • 2-year guarantee hdmi usb dvd usb karaoke nfc bluetooth dvd save r500 deposit r800 af 20.5% int sony audio system hcd shake-x10d • 2-year guarantee save r50 omplify save r30 qmplify blues earphones am-1106-bk save r50 qmplify skip 2.0 earphones amp-1000-bkgm save r50 qmplify cappella earphones am-1010-bk amp 2011bkbl save r50 qmplify note tws earpods am-1111-wt bluetooth bluetooth bluetooth also available in black & grey bluetooth bluetooth