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your kitchen favourites for less save r200 save r300 save r400 save r500 • r2199 deposit r330 total payable r8430 at 20,5% int deposit r480 total payable r9254 at 20.5% int deposit r220 total payable r5069 at 20.5% int hisense white bar fridge h12orwh • 2-year guarantee trust brava white bottom-freezer telek metallic top- freezer fridge ktf518me • 2-year guarantee fridge kbf631wh • 5-year guarantee limited stock energy energy arating arating save r300 deposit r600 at 20.5% tot save r400 deposit r490 total payable r9398 at 20.5% defy satin metallic bottom-freezer fridge with water dispenser • 3 + 2 years warranty save r400 deposit r530 total payable r9976 at 20.5% int defy satin metallic bottom-freezer fridge dac631 • 3 + 2 years warranty limited stock koc metallic bottom- freezer fridge with water dispenser kbf639me • 5-year guarantee a'energy arating hisense inox-finish bottom-freezer fridge with water dispenser h415bi-wd • 5-year guarantee rating rating save r300 save r400 deposit r350 total payable r6691 al 20.5% int save r500 deposit 1680 at 20.5% int bero electric gfr260db deposit r400 total al payable r8100 at 20.5% int koc white chest freezer • 2-year guarantee energy black chest freezer kcg210bl • 2-year guarantee hb1mm h8mn нво save r300 save r300 save r800 deposit r600 at 20.5% int deposit r240 total payable r5316 at 20.5% int defy white twin- tub washing machine deposit r390 total payable r7237 at 20.5% int hisense titanium finish top-loader washing machine wtjd802t guarantee warranty grey top-loader washing machine • 2-year guarantee 8kg lay-by available