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bc playtime fisher price fisher price rhymes save 2000 risher price oball story book rhymes rock 'n sort snail pail save 4000 fisher price fit pre smart stages puppy or sis save 5000 rock-a-stack save 2000 clickity twist save 15w save 1500 rock'n sort 6m+ go-grippers ach bright starts bright starts brights starts bright starts bright starts qur learn & giggle fish save 500 take along carrier toy bar take along carrier toy bar save 3000 tug tunes save 2000 take 'n shake save 2000 grab & spin save 1500 lights lights learn & giggle fish wellness dis-chem clinic dis-chem services well baby clinic • introducing solids preventing rashes and possible allergies normal sleep patterns for baby treatment of colic discovery vitality members earn 5 000 vitality points for all scheduled vaccinations for your baby your baby baby milestone months your baby will be able to turn its head towards the sound of your voice your baby will be able to few moments from 3 months if you put objects in front of your baby or amoble above use lol you will see then take a swipe atit your baby can roll over n one direction your baby will tehet reach for objects of interest walch yesu haliyl from its tummy you' baby will probably sit your baby con cadily paso obients from one hand to the other and can even hold two objects at the same time from 9 months starts imitating sounds and rettigsing the na should start responding to "no your taby firds is fun to drop objects for you to pick up at this stage they erjsy being read to walthytkar bayrt-wland move around furniture your babys understanding will be far more advanced than their speech visit one of our baby wellness clinics in store for more advice dis-chem the card click&collect dis-chem exclusive linsecu chop onlne collect in store foundation free delivery on orders op 500 or more cathy for the con also prostoru to 18-25 ferrolds pharmacies dischem.co.za pharmacists who care