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citrus fresh and zesty with flavours of floral & berries lemons orange and grapefruit often showing a hint of spice within ole botanical herbs & spices floral and fruity gins are light fragrant notes of rose strawberry pomegranate and raspberry more unusual botanicals like kalahari truffles botanical from fynbos herb-infused fresh gins offer a crise classic taste victoria blue gin kwv crusland london dry gin inverroche amber craft gin mally rosa gin bulldog london dry gin six dogs blue distillery gin and oui wilderer fynbos gin the botanist islay dry gin ord per pak fever the botanist bulldog inverroche malra victoria six dogs gin blue fever-tree scin leer fever-tre lights tonic water cruxland! tonic water ilderer gin non-alcoholic vina cape tow inree hendrick awat boy prony con le handles bu are iwand gold award winner master's london dry gin 100% karoo agave copper pot still brandy musgrave with african winter honey small batched aged rum bumbu original rum 10-year-old aged rum inverroche crystal head filtered through herkimer diamonds distilled from the highest quality this exceptional award-winning gin is distilled with lemon and valencia scent af citrus with a sweet and sour taste that is best enjoyed in leonista is south africa's first and made according to an age-old traditional mexican recipe using unique and smoky it is aged for six months in oak barrels resulting in a smooth sweeter flavour this full-bodied south african sipping rumis aged in charred bumbuis an authentic spky citrus num based on an original 16th century recipe from the west indies cream com info crafted in the style unique brandy is made with angan winter honey whichacows for its subtle sweetness to shine double-distilled and matured in finish lingers aromas are distinctly bold bourbon barrels then transferred to second- or third-fil muscadelor sherry gasks before reaching its final resting in order to legally call an flavours of chocolate and disbaal in limestone crystal head vodka is evident in its clean crisp tasto the aquid is filtered seven which are through agave it has master's specific region of marco milar to champagne or batches and aged in first- bourbon casks second- whisky complex spice and wooded notes with a roasted semiprecious crystals known as herkimer diamonds and peated finish leonista sony available at selected stores only