Cashbuild - Valid from 2021/01/15 until 2021/01/24

bosch led bulkhead light fitting including led globe a60 led watertight light fitting including led globe clear led budget light including led globe led ready light including led globe bulkhead light fitting round including led globe led globe lasher bowsaw bowsaw blade lasher round nose shovel garden lasher digging spade lasher garden fork garden hose 20m x 12mm lasher concrete wheelbarrow tape measure diamantor glass cutter lasher tubular hacksaw light duty hand tools fencing plier lasher club hammer fibre glass handle 1.8kg claw hammer all steel handle lasher crow bar 25mm x 1.2m bosch pomade power tools bosch jigsaw gst 650 professional bosch easy impact 500 drill bosch angle grinder invertor welding machine general tool safety measures never use a tool that has frayed cables or exposed electrical wires wear the correct protective eyewear dust masks & clothing comply with the manufacturer's instructions ensure that all guards are in place before using your power tools always switch off power tools before changing parts & after use make sure your power tools have cooled down before packing away gauteng