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duran frearth dulux dulux ? colour dulux designer coatings at factory prices let's colo endure duram dufund maxi cover maxi cover firearth plaster primer water based plaster primer solvent-based plaster primer white only; solvent- based; for a variety of coated with solvent- & water-based topcoats; seals porous plaster endure hhhharep plaster plaster & gypro primer | alkali resistant water-based primer; plaster primer combines good alkaline resistance with excellent sealing properties; serves non-drip enamel non-drip enamel water-based; medium sheen finish; ideal for ferrth firerathi designer coatings at factory prices dulux designer coatings at factory prices let's colour fired earth dulux sixes & sevens topsy turvy thru fired citycoat earth inside back to front top to bottom out contractors acrylic pva head over heels upside down new coat new coat white only; interior use; acrylic; contractor's acrylic pva finishing coats; suitable for prepared interior walls gloss enamel exclusive pack size gloss enamel value added pack enamel; ideal for garage inside out matt super acrylic available in white only ferrth firerirth firearth designer coatings at factory prices designer coatings firearth at factory prices designer coatings at factory prices designer coatings at factory prices canvas white white jute white firerrth gale force pale tropical burst firearth hail stone slipper white plaster white concrete firearth south africa shade skim white white lime white break through limed terrace maty painterspro white white soft sheen soft sheen available in standard sheen finish; washable & stain wir tsunami storm wind surge severe weather severe weather available in standard natural colours; mid-textured finish; tough walls & break through walls & ceilings low sheen top coat; 10-year guarantee; only duram dulux smartrant es colour plascon dulux champagne linden wood duram armatex plascon shade wheatfield polvin fine textured greystone nighean dulux tots colour duen maxi pliotex cover textured matt finish; hides fine pliotex plaster cracks; water resistant; available in white & various standard colours; weatherguard weatherguard available in white & standard colours; contains "maxiflex which gives lasting imperfections; prevents durable & armatex exterior wall paint that covers hairline cracks & hides imperfections; available in standard colours; 8-year polvin walls & ceilings easy to clean; 8-year convenient shopping store credit builders you can use your builders store credit to shop shopping convenience with more time to pay rcs