Staying active during lockdown


Everyday activity in the home

Try to stay active in the house. You now have the time to clear out those long-forgotten books, crannies and bookshelves in your home. Sort out the things you no longer use. When lockdown is over there will be lots of people who will need assistance. Donate your unused clothes and household goods to charity so that they can go to someone that needs them. 

Gardening is also a really relaxing way to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Plant a vegetable garden, mow the grass, cut the edges, clear out the autumn leaves. All these offer a good chance to exercise and the results are rewarding too.


Get into the habit of exercising

If you have a treadmill, an exercise bike or a rowing machine, you’re all set. Even if you don’t have such equipment you can find a virtual gym class on the Internet or check your television schedule. Chances are that someone is holding classes at the same time every day. A staircase offers several great opportunities to exercise from walking or running up and down to reverse lunges and stair push-ups.

If gym is not your thing, you could consider putting on some loud music and dancing the night away. Get out a skipping rope and engage in some fun skipping games with the children. If you have a garden space try playing some ball games. Cricket is a fun game that the whole family can play. 

Even if you only have a small space, try some yoga or stretching next to the bed or on the lounge floor. Yoga improves you balance and improves core strength. It is also good for mental health, promoting relaxation. There are plenty of free videos on the Internet which offer instruction on yoga moves. These range from beginner to advanced moves and exercise for various body types. So, find your favourite and download it.  

If you prefer a little weight training and you don’t have the equipment, improvise. You must have items in your home that would do the job admirably. 

Make sure that you stay physically and emotionally well by finding innovative ways to stay active during lockdown. This too will pass.